We just pushed an update for our Exchange.ai Extensions – mostly focusing on some bugfixes for the Well Log.

Tired of seeing tiny fonts on the Well Log? We were. This adjusts the default font size to 12.
We were getting confused when we kept getting exceptions while using the Well Log. This fix got rid of a pesky error that raised during edits to the properties menu.
Removing a track or curve used to lock up the options panel. Now you don’t need to refresh the page to get the log options to be responsive.
Marking large numbers of rows (> 12,000) caused the Spotfire interface to become unresponsive. We implemented new logic to intelligently stream large row selections to the server.
We removed the confusing “Install” button from the License menu. Really this was providing the same functionality as “Activate”, so now it’s easier for a new user to navigate the activation process.