’s contribution to the Jack/St. Malo project in the deepwater US Gulf of Mexico was highlighted in a supplement to the Chevron Oil & Gas Journal. delivered several analytics tools that provided advanced Spotfire capability for the JSM engineering team. Specifically, these tools enabled the JSM team to build dynamic plots necessary for startup monitoring. This extension improved the existing toolset for the JSM startup workbench in terms of performance and content, built additional analyses that target tactical workflows, and is supporting ongoing reporting requirements.

Dr. Troy Ruths, CEO, explained, “Our application enabled the Chevron engineers to monitor real-time data feeds from the JSM wells as well as to discern how parameters, such as the productivity index (PI) and reservoir pressure, for the wells compare with simulation data as they were ramping them up. We were able to bring up the simulation data side-by-side with the field data for a teal-time comparison. We also ran predictive well integrity models against PI degradation and pressure loss.”