Troy Ruths, CEO of, expanded on his expert vision of the challenges faced by O&G as the industry moves to adopt and implement the use of more technology.  Confronted with better and more data, O&G companies are short on manpower.  Ruths notes, “We’re going to put 110,000 wells in [the Permian] in the next couple of years. If you add up all the man years we have in the major operators that are going to be doing that, there’s just not enough man years to do it.”  That’s where data science fills in the gaps.  Moving faster into areas of greater complexity, data analysis provides a window of understanding that can’t be matched with historical technologies.

TIBCO’s Chief Analytics Officer, Michael O’Connell and Senior Manager of AspenTech, Robert Golightly join Ruths in sharing their understanding of the cultural changes needed to implement these new technologies.  Read the full article here,