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Build and share digital plans.

Combine offset, historical, engineering, and domain knowledge to auto-forecast well production, use machine learning to model completions parameters and build a development plan.

Seamlessly measure key variables throughout well construction.

Automatically clean, process, store, and visualize data from a variety of sources including seismic, well logs, WITSML, frac van, and SCADA while correcting for coordinate reference system, units, time zones and well aliases.

Track performance in real time.

No plan survives first contact with reality. Machine learning algorithms pull out key features and generate KPIs from blended data sources. Review drilling performance on a single rig or across your portfolio. Visualize your zipper frac and drill down to the main drivers of non-productive time.

Capture learnings to keep improving from well to well and pad to pad.

Make performance gains repeatable. By documenting the events and rationale driving plan adjustments, capture key insights to inform the next well and the next pad in your development plan.

Empower innovation.

With integrations to BI tools like TIBCO Spotfire and Microsoft Power BI, as well as full API access, your team can hypothesize and interrogate data to find further insights. Petro.ai supports a full range of science pad data types, allowing your team to quickly operationalize learnings.

Petro.ai is easy to setup with pre-made workflows to apply powerful machine learning algorithms right out of the box.
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Key Features

200+ verified workflows ready to be deployed

Get value quickly by leveraging our premade O&G workflows already being used by dozens of leading operators. From decline curve analysis to drilling analytics and completions optimization, address critical needs faster.

Seamless Spotfire integrations

Access all the functionality of Petro.ai and pull your data directly into Spotfire through the PetroPanel. Enhance existing Spotfire workflows with Petro.ai

Massively scalable backend

Petro.ai uses NoSQL for storing data, models, and analysis so it can easily handle structured and unstructured data while scaling to meet any need.

Process real time or historical data

Connect to real time data streams like WITSML or SCADA to analyze data and run machine learning models in real time. Historical data can also be brought in and batch analyzed.

data however and whenever you want

Use the Petro.ai data model and our restful API to connect other applications. Take advantage of programmatic access to the data and data science algorithms.

Petro.ai web app

View and run machine learning models and access quick visualizations in the Petro.ai web application.

Petro.ai is trusted by hundreds of engineers and geologists at leading operators across North America.
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We provide an integrated analytics platform for oil and gas covering the complete well life-cycle from exploration and drilling to operations and completions. Our tools organize your data, provide end to end solutions, and optimize your workflows. 

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