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personalize shale development strategies to your company, your asset, and your team.


Just getting data organized can be a major obstacle to analytics. Simplify that process and employ advanced logic to blend disparate data types.


Jump to the forefront of data innovation with an anti-black-box solution that provides faster access to mission-critical data and allows your team to customize and build its own models.



Interact with data like never before to find exploitable resources in any asset, outperform current type curves, and keep your company thriving in whatever market conditions arise.



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We’ve got the biggest library of pre-made O&G workflows built with real geologists and engineers in mind. Like jetpacks for analytics. They come with step-by-step documentation and connect with Spotfire and MS Power BI so you can load your data and get started quickly.

have data SWAGGER.

With all your data in one place, easy to access, interactive, and connected to powerful analytics tools, your engineers, geologists, and managers can use data in their everyday workflows like never before. 




Blends and activates disparate data, empowering engineers and geologists to interact with it— and each other— in ways never before possible.


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July 15th Houston Petroleum Analytics Meetup

Join the only Petroleum Analytics community in Houston! Come network with other oil and gas professionals and learn about the latest data-driven use cases. var exampleCallback = function() { console.log('Order complete!'); }; window.EBWidgets.createWidget({ //...

SPE Oklahoma City Oil & Gas Symposium

Excited to be a part of the energy inside the Cox Convention Center at the biennial symposium focused around helping operators achieve commercial viability with innovative solutions to drilling, completion, and production engineering issues. Charles Connell and Nathan...

We provide an integrated analytics platform for oil and gas covering the complete well life-cycle from exploration and drilling to operations and completions. Our tools organize your data, provide end to end solutions, and optimize your workflows. 

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